Simply Squalane Face Oil

A lightweight, fast absorbing facial oil to instantly soften and smooth your skin. Made with 100% pure olive squalane.

Squalane is an intensive emollient derived from olives with a chemical structure similar to natural squalane found in our skin's own sebum. It helps skin improve its barrier function by providing moisture to the skin, fighting against free radical damage and has anti-inflammatory benefits of its own. Everything you need to replenish hydration and soften even the most sensitive skin. 


 At a Glance

- Suitable for all skin types

- Australian made and owned

Fast absorbing, lightweight and fragrance free

 Key Ingredients 

Olive Squalane - Visibly improves skin hydration


How to use

Apply on damp skin on its own or layered with other skincare products after your serums/toners. Handy roller application helps increase circulation with application. Best applied after Super Hydrator/Clearing Rescue Serum and before cream/lotion.



100% Olive Squalane. Nothing else added for full efficacy and maximum concentration